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We are an enoteca at heart, a simple restaurant with seasonal food and an extensive  wine list. We are a London restaurant, we encompass over twenty nationalities, and a multiplicity of food cultures. We take our inspiration  from Italy and Japan, we challenge the notion of authenticity and believe fusion is everywhere.

We’re delighted to present our interpretation of a Kaiseki menu to you.
Kaiseki refers to the Japanese multi-course meals originating in Kyoto that traditionally took place before tea ceremonies.

We don’t have a rigid menu, we buy what is in peak condition everyday and change our dishes to reflect our daily learnings and the ingredients available. When selecting dishes for our menu, we look to support farmers and artisans whilst preserving traditional techniques and processes. 

There is no right order to eat dishes
There is no dress code
You can use your hands
Make yourself at home!


Founders – Josh, Amar & Laura
Head Chef – Usman
General Manager & Sommelier – Alessandro
Sous Chef – Khanh
Restaurant Manager – Stella
Interior Design & Stoneware – Anna Owens